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Wow, its a little like traveling back in time. Lots of old stuff, Nomads tents, Beautiful mountain passes….. My record for passing a mountain with a car is around 3380m now. well, I couldnt remember if I even was in this height before.
Sleeping in the car or tent is OK here, so we did it. Choose your place, as you want. And if you want to have your private 5 minutes, park at least 10 minutes walking distance from the next jurt / tent / house / trailer…… People will find you and like to talk 🙂

We went to some mountain lakes and then the big one, I forgot the name. There are a lot of tourists, especially in the east. Horse riding, walking, cycling, sleeping in nomads tents. Doing touristy things. And we are doing the best we can to enjoy the view and the nice mountain passes. Almost run out of gasoline once, because it takes a lot of this stuff to get on top of a mountain.

We now have done over 11.000km. Slightly more than planned.

IMG_8476 IMG_8521 IMG_8556


^^sealing the doors to prevent new dust in the car. Only partially successful :/

IMG_8602 IMG_8619 IMG_8654 IMG_8655 IMG_8690 IMG_8713 IMG_8720 IMG_8798 IMG_8817