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On my next trip to Russia I had the chance to bring a lot of spare parts to Germany. I was there with the company and we had empty space in some boxes. Finally I bought 50kg of parts 🙂

Buying the same parts in Germany will be at least 5 times more expensive.

parts1 parts2 parts3

^^ This is only a part of my purchase


^^ Saw this beauty on the Moscow car exhibition. Thats what I want!


Finally Everything is working. And I found some more parts in Germany. Have a second engine now and parts for the axles. Very useful.

newengine1 newengine2 newengine3

Finalls the “new” engine didnt fit. Only the head with carburator and some other parts I can use. The head is much better. My engine will have more power and use less Gasoline. Win – Win 🙂