Offroad Monster

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Just some minor modifications and its almost unstoppable now in the field. I got locking differentials for the axles. WOW! Now I only get stuck where no one else can go 😀

speedo6 speedo5 speedo4

speedo3 speedo2

^^ Nice chance to see if everything is OK in the axles. Its not. Well, I also got new gears and I can go a little faster and save some more gasoline now.
In the start it took 25L/100km and now I am at 14L/100km. Thats quite an improvement 🙂


^^ If you fix one thing, the next thing will break. 😀

Got nice new bumpers too and a very beautiful roof terrace.

front roof

Its very useful for doing funny things at the local airfield racing 😀rocket2