Happy new year!

Happy new year! I had some months of work and relax, see the family and friends… I moved to a new apartment and am still fighting with all the boxes I brought 😀 Now its time to start preparations again. I want to be back … Continue readingHappy new year!

Back in Tokyo

Another 10 hours sitting in slow trains and we arrived in Tokyo. Big and busy as usual, this city never really sleeps. My hotel obviously came from another place, because they sleep from 1am to 6am and will not open the door in this time! … Continue readingBack in Tokyo


Finally it was time to leave Russia and head for our final destination – Japan. Captain Mori-San decided to have a short stop in Korea and go for lunch – jummy! It took us some time to find the “Bahnhof” (its the german word for … Continue readingKorea


We arrived – somehow 😀 All the way we hoped the engine will be OK until the ferry. It was 😉 We had a lot of nice views, traffic, police stops, kilometers…. Cleaning the engine regularly, checking oil and water. Every now and then fixing … Continue readingVladivostok

Olkhon Island

Repair takes a lot of time and we had to wait for some parts, so we decided to go to Olkhon island by some “normal” car. The road from Irkutsk is perfect asphalt (some people told me “ah, its catastrophal!”) and only on the island … Continue readingOlkhon Island

Kapital Remont

More oil, less power, no good starting, leaking brake fluid… We had to get some help. Fixing the brakes was done very fast. The engine takes more time. At least one ring on every piston was broken. Sometimes even two. Piston rods and bearing shells … Continue readingKapital Remont