Welcome to Russia – again

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Russia – country of fairytales and miracles. In America everything can happen, in Russia everything will happen 😀
As example: first thing you see can be someone who is skiing in swimming gear. In summer. On the main road to the border…..
We had no big troubles at the border control and people were very helpful, even without anyone talking english. I should have practiced my russian language skills. Would be very helpful to understand jokes about germans and russian cars 😀

First stop was in Wyborg. Its the first city after the border and they also have one of these nice castles. We had lunch there and were looking for an car insurance. The third company said OK and now I feel much safer on the road 😛
From Wyborg its a few hours ride to St. Peterburg. The roads are new and people drive very civilized. If you give people some space to be faster than you, they will say thank you with some lightshow. Not many people in Germany do this. Only in bigger cities, there will be more crazy driving every now and then.
Finally we met St Peters famouse traffic jam. Hello 🙂

OK, OK, and we did sightseeing a lot 🙂
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