Back in Tokyo

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Another 10 hours sitting in slow trains and we arrived in Tokyo. Big and busy as usual, this city never really sleeps. My hotel obviously came from another place, because they sleep from 1am to 6am and will not open the door in this time! NOOOOO!
But this way I had some time to sleep and get some rest. The days in Tokyo were really busy. Meeting with friends and sponsors, looking after my car and deciding what kind of parts I have to buy, shopping for souveniers……

Thanks to Maxxis, Star Corp, Petromax, ….. thanks to the TV-Tokyo team, Iwamoto-san and Auto Meister… thanks to all my friends and all people who wished me good luck. Without all of you I’d never been here.
Sadly I have to go home to Germany again, but I will be back in spring to see all Japan!



Unbelievable: they sell my T-shirt in a small shop at Narita airport!