Come, visit Hikonjan!

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On our way to Tokyo, we did a short stop in Hikone. Its sort of half way, if you take the slow trains to Tokyo. On the way, please enjoy the picturistic countryside.
In Hikone, you should go and see the old town and the castle. If youre lucky, you can even watch the Hikonjan show! Wow, he is cute 😀
And we were very lucky, because there was a special day with Samuari shows and horseback archery. Unbelievable, I would probably fall off a horse even before it starts moving and some of this riders could hit all 3 aims in a row! 😀
I am slightly better when I sit in my Neko bus, but not sure if they would let me join the competition 😛


Uh, Oh! And someone owns a Smart Roadster in this area 🙂 I had one for a few years and still love the car. Nice to see them in Japan too. Its really rare to see one, especially in so nice condition!