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Lenin said “good bye” and we moved east, to Kazan. New impressions every day. Now there are cows on the street and almost every village got these gas tubes in front of their houses.
Enjoyed a lot of nice views to the Volga river. But somehow this river has a bad ghost. Whenever we get too close, some problems with the car start 😀 Had to check the gasoline pump and fulter again. There was too much air from somewhere. And the car got some nice racing sound now. Somewhere the silencer isnt silencing any more.
Well, we will pass Uljanowsk soon. The car was built there and all the town will be full of spareparts 🙂


IMG_6094 IMG_6116 IMG_6123 IMG_6146

^^ how to put new oil to the gearbox? Use a soap dispenser 😀 Martin Kuhn Design…….

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