We arrived – somehow 😀 All the way we hoped the engine will be OK until the ferry. It was 😉 We had a lot of nice views, traffic, police stops, kilometers…. Cleaning the engine regularly, checking oil and water. Every now and then fixing … Continue readingVladivostok

Tschita – Khabarowsk

I really thought its a good idea to do the engine repair in the official UAZ center in Irkutsk. Finally we realized, there are a lot more things bad, than a badly adjusted ignition. We obviously have water in the engine oil and 100km before … Continue readingTschita – Khabarowsk

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Olkhon Island

Repair takes a lot of time and we had to wait for some parts, so we decided to go to Olkhon island by some “normal” car. The road from Irkutsk is perfect asphalt (some people told me “ah, its catastrophal!”) and only on the island … Continue readingOlkhon Island

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Kapital Remont

More oil, less power, no good starting, leaking brake fluid… We had to get some help. Fixing the brakes was done very fast. The engine takes more time. At least one ring on every piston was broken. Sometimes even two. Piston rods and bearing shells … Continue readingKapital Remont

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Altai Mountains

Altai mountains are beautiful. Just too far away from Germany 😀 Nice clean rivers, mountain trails – just big enough for my car. We are going a little slower now. More things to see. And here and there some things to repair. After 14.000 km … Continue readingAltai Mountains


Back to Russia. Border crossing was very fast and friendly. Instantly the roads get better and the yellow-grey countryside changes to something more colorful. And – we have farming everywhere. Lots of villages, fields, equipment…. Our goal was to reach Novosibirsk as soon as possible … Continue readingNovosibirsk

Take A Break

….. and enjoy the countryside. And while you’re on it, you could as well repair your car. On our way to the salt lake we had troubles with the gasoline pump again. OK, this was expected and I could repair it. But we arrived at … Continue readingTake A Break

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A change in the team again. Robert went home and now Willem was promoted to navigator / trip photographer 😀 From Samara we chose the road east of the Volga river. Its less traffic than the main road and not so many cities. Well, snd … Continue readingVolgograd

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In Samara we reached 6.000km. Wow. Its 1/3 of the whole trip now. One month on the road and two more to go. So far we enjoyed a lot of nice sunny weather and didnt get into troubles. The car is very reliable and police … Continue readingSamara