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The plan: hava a big vacation

I’m in my job for quite some time and I felt ready for a break. A big break. Half a year off would be nice.
I bought a very cool Camper last year and thought I will go somewhere else every weekend. Well, work kept me busy and the car was mostly in front of the workshop. OK, there are toilets, showers, free electricity and internet.
This combination works like a very strong magnet if your camper is missing all these things 😀

So in the end I decided to take a break and started moving in July.

The original idea was to take my camper all around the world. After looking at prices for shipping (Sadly I dont have the swimming version of this car) I decided it will be better to do it by airplane, train, bicycle, foot… The camper is simply too big to fit into a standard container and prices for the car ferry are shocking.

To have a trip by camper anyway, I did a “short” trip through Europe first.

I visited some friends in Graz (Austria), my sister and niece in Lausanne (Swiss) and more friends in Bordeaux (France). In the end it was more than 5.000km. In two weeks. I have to slow down!






Most funny part was driving in Austria. I try to stay on the small streets, because my car isnt very fast. Up the mountain in first gear, Yay Yay!

I really enjoy drivig this car. Its 40 years old, but so comfortable. Swimming along the road, like a boat. And no real problems on the way. Nothing broken, no drama, just relax and enjoy the view….

The camper went to the garage after this trip and I continued by airplane to Moscow.