Welcome to Japan!

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We did it!
Wow, who would have thought? In the last weeks since our drama in Irkutsk, it wasnt always too sure we can make it. But we did!

And we had a very warm welcome at the port of Sakaiminato. WOW, I never thought so many people are watching my adventures. Much less I thought there will be someone waiting to say hello at the port. It was a big surprise. Thanks for coming, for giving me this nice warm feeling of being home. Because, finally Japan feels like a second home to me. I spent almost a year in this country and I learned to love it. Ok, I will never be able to read the newspaper or discuss Einsteins theories, but I could easily live here for the rest of my life.
After my 2006 and 2012 stays, all of Japan feels so familiar to me. I had a lot of adventures and experiences here. I was even happy to see these cazy roadside bunnies again 😀

ps: sadly, the night club was closed on our boat (-_-)