Back in Tokyo

Another 10 hours sitting in slow trains and we arrived in Tokyo. Big and busy as usual, this city never really sleeps. My hotel obviously came from another place, because they sleep from 1am to 6am and will not open the door in this time! … Continue readingBack in Tokyo

What Did I Do?

The plan: show my friends where I was Wow wow, for a trip without any organization I saw a lot of Japan. I was surprised by myself. More than 4000km with the coolest bike on earth. 40 days on the road, 30 nights in the … Continue readingWhat Did I Do?


The plan: try everything! Please dont ask me for names, but everything here is delicious. Its impossible to starve in Japan 😀

Never Repeat

The plan: take a history lesson   Hiroshima – 06. August 1945 To escape the rain I crossed the mountains and went to Hiroshima. This city is very impressive. Despite the bad things in 1945 the city never ceased to exist. People build new homes … Continue readingNever Repeat