Happy new year!

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Happy new year!

I had some months of work and relax, see the family and friends… I moved to a new apartment and am still fighting with all the boxes I brought 🙂

Now its time to start preparations again. I want to be back in Japan in april and need a slightly better plan than last time and maybe some more sponsors.

I know a lot of people would be happy to see me and maybe you all can help to decide where to go. You have any ideas, what places I definitely should visit? Finally I want to go to all 47 prefectures, so just write some ideas to the comment section under this post. It will be fun to put all your places to a map and try to figure out, how to get there.

You still remember my first plan? Well, thats what I did in the end:

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  1. 山形県鶴岡市には、加茂水族館というクラゲの数が世界一でギネス世界記録に認定された水族館があります。とてもきれいなのでおすすめです。クラゲアイスやクラゲラーメンという個性的な食べ物もあり楽しめると思います。鶴岡市は、つや姫というとても美味しいブランド米があり、水もきれいなので日本酒がとても有名です。大山にある出羽ノ雪酒造資料館に行ってみたらいかがでしょうか?試飲ができ、気に入ったお酒は購入することができます。鶴岡市をぜひ楽しんでください!!!!!

  2. 仕事頑張ってますか?



  3. 仕事頑張ってますか?



  4. 山口県には角島大橋という景色のいい橋があります。それから岩国市にら錦帯橋という5連アーチの美しい橋があります。いろり山賊といレストラン(旧日本家屋風)があります。名物の山賊焼きはワイルドにかぶりついて食べてください。


  5. Hi, I’m really looking forward to your journey again. If you come to Kanagawa which is one of the 47 prefectures, there are the Great Buddha of Kamakura, Enoshima where the sea is beautiful, Vacation place Hakone, the largest city Yokohama. Yokohama has a chinatown and a beautiful place. But local places where foreigners do not usually go, I recommend Yabitsu Pass. It is where I climbed the mountain for about ten minutes by car. It would be around 30 minutes if you were a bicycle. You can overlook the night view, if you go, should go in the night. It is in Hadano city of Kanagawa Kaido Line No. 70.It’s a cycling course to climb a mountain.

  6. こんにちは。私は熊本県の南区に住んでいます。今娘が通っている幼稚園のバスはネコバスなのでぜひこのネコバスを見に来て欲しいです🎵そして幼稚園の子ども達にもマーティンのネコバスをぜひ見せてあげたいです!

  7. Hi Martin! I’m your fan.I’m 22 years old.
    I live in Hokkaido,Japan.
    In Kushiro we can see cranes in autumn.
    Seafood and sushi are delicious in Kushiro.
    The sunset in Kushiro is said to be the world’s three greatest sunsets.
    I want to meet you.Please come to Kushiro in eastern part of Hokkaido.

  8. Hallo.Martin. Wie geht es dir? Ich freue mich, dass ich dir beim TV-Programm sehen kann.
    Und Kommst du auch nach Ehime in Shikoku? Hier in Ehime in Matsuyama gibt es “Onsen” und da ist Model von Ghibli Anime. Du muust Mal sehen! Und Matsuyama ist es nicht so grosse Stadt aber ganz schoen! In Matsuyama gibt es eine Bar, die “German House” heisst, und da arbeiten einige Deutsche;) Wenn du nach Japan kommst, schreib Mal auf dem dein Blog!!!!

  9. Hi mate, I recommend 高千穂峡 which is located at Miyazaki Pref. in Kyushu. You can rent a rowing boat, then you can see beautiful gorges and visit to an awesome waterfall.
    There are also some historic of shrines and temples as well. Especially 天岩戸神社 is one of God of the Sun was hidden in the shrine.
    Each one is worth a visit.
    Safe your journey 🙂

  10. Hi Martin!

    I watched all the episodes of you on the TV show “You wa nani shi ni Nippon he”. I love to travel, so I really enjoyed seeing you travel with “no plan”! I wish I could travel like you too! The Nekobus tour was amazing! I can’t wait to see your travels across Japan.

    There is a place that I would like to recommend to you.

    My relatives own a restaurant called “Aoi Ginga (青い銀河) in Nagano city, Nagano Prefecture. It’s a beautiful restaurant at the top of a hill. If you go at night time, or when it’s at least a bit dark out, you can see an amazing night view of the whole city. There is many mountains around it, and the nature around is a great sight to see.

    Here is the address, in case you need it. 28-39 3-chome Hakoshimizu, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, 380-0801 (〒380-0801 長野県長野市箱清水3丁目28−38)

    I hope that you can visit the restaurant! It would be a great honour!!

  11. Nice to meet you!🤗
    He is Peco. I’m always watching TV!!📺✨
    It is terrific! ネコバス🐱🐱🐱
    Pretty cute!!ネコバス🐱🐱🐱💕
    I want to ride it.\(^o^)/
    Please come to Gumma prefecture by all means!!💖💖💖

  12. Hello, Martin. Your journey that was a lot of fun. and your way of life is so cool. I respect you that I can’t do like your life. I wanna meet you at your next Journey. Please come to my town, I’ll be waiting in Northernmost point of Honsyu.(Oma,Aomori).

  13. Hi, Martin-san!
    I am a fan of your wonderful journey.

    Please come to Tokushima between 12 and 15 August. It is period of Awa-odori, and you can enjoy the traditional powerful and beautiful dance.
    In addition, I hope you will visit Naruto German House. You can see the history of exchange between German and Japan.

  14. Hi Martin!
    I hope you visit to Okinawa island.
    Here is the beautiful island, is like tropical place:)

    anyway i’ve been to 67 countries but it’s not car travel like you.
    Somedays I want to travel all over the world by motorcycle!

    see you soon!

  15. 千葉
    ・桜お花見 野田市 清水公園(3月下旬~4月)
    ・たけのこ狩り 大多喜町(3,4~5月)
    ・登山 地獄のぞき,百尺観音 鋸山(ロープウェイ有)
    ・地球の丸く見える丘展望館 銚子
    ・鴨川シーワールド 鴨川
    ・紅葉 香取神宮(11月下旬~12上旬)

  16. It was great fun to see your wonderful Neko bus journey.
    And I am very interesting to see your next trip around our country.

    As you already knew there are a lot of places should visit.
    So, I would like to intruduce my living town’s good place to see.

    I am living Karatsu city in Saga prefecture.
    There is old type castle name Karatsu castle.
    This castle locates seaside, and looks very significant.
    From Karatsu castle you can see small island.
    This island name is Takashima, and there is Houtou shrine.
    This shrine is very famous for “luck of loto”.
    If you visit there with lottery tickets, and pray to god at there,
    you may take good luck.

    Not only above, Karatsu has a lot of great place to see.
    Hope I can see your fantastic bus in my town.

    Wish your best!

  17. Just saw your TV Tokyo special. Congratulations on the successful journey!

    I have a suggestions for your tour of Japan – Goshuinchou. Get yourself a Goshuinchou notebook. At temples/shrines, monks will sign and stamp the book for you. If you visit all the prefectures, you can get a stamp from a temple or shrine in each one. You should be able to find a Goshuinchou with the Nekobus on it, too :).

  18. My family really enjoyed watching you travel in your Neko bus. I am a Canadian living in Okayama Prefecture and I recommend that you visit the historical city of Kurashiki. Okayama is the sunny prefecture of Japan and it is famous for its peaches and grapes.

    There is a very nice seaside drive on route 47 between Kurashiki and Kasaoka which is on the border with Hiroshima Prefecture. It’s a much better option than the National Route 2.

    If you ever need a place to stay in the Kurashiki area, drop me a line.

    Looking forward watching your Japanese journey.

    Viel Glück

  19. Hello. If you ask me for places you should visit in Japan I would like to recommend Yutoku shrine in Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki city as well as Shimabara city and Unzen national park in Nagasaki Prefecture.

  20. In Japan,you are alredy moviestar. So I think you can stay houses of Japanese families all over Japan . Also, I think you can work there . If you could vist Japan again, Would you travel all over Japan and stay Japanese familys house , learn Japanese culture ?

  21. 茨城県牛久市 東洋で一番大きな大仏があります 牛久大仏です 見に来てください。

    1. 秋田県のおすすめは 鳥海山の 獅子が原 湿原 です 鳥海マリモ も 必見です (にかほ市 象潟町)
      ブナの原生林 と あがりこ大魔王 (ブナの木) を 是非見に来て下さい
      そして 鳥海山と 海に 映る 影鳥海山を 見にきてください
      夏の おすすめ 小砂川産 の 天然牡蠣は おすすめです

      ネコバス 待っています
      夜には 我々の バンド仲間が ハワイアンと フラ ダンスで お迎えします

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