Irkutsk – Ulan Ude – Tschita

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Oh my, this repair job was really long. Every time we came to the garage, they had something new. Finally they exchanged almost all moving parts in the engine. We were stuck in Irkutsk for 10 days :/
Well, time to relax a little, see lake Baikal and do some shopping. Its started freezing now and I needed a a winter jacket. I didnt realize before I got some nasty cold.

When we finally left Irkutsk, we tried to do as many kilometers a day as possible. Some minor things had to be fixed just after leaving the garage. The gasoline pump was stuck – again –  and the ignition was very badly set in the garage place.
Ulan Ude was reached in the first day. We really have to catch up on our shedule now. Next city would be Tschita.


img_4354 img_4385 img_4407  img_4416 img_4428 img_4461

Lake Baikal is beautiful. We booked a little hut not far from the shore and enjoyed some evenings at the fireplace.


2km after the garage… first stop 😀

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