Welcome To Japan

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The plan: buy a bicycle, see the west coast

32°C …. lots of sun…. thats what I was looking for!
Didnt sleep very much in the plane and the movies where crap.
But then it went funny:
After leaving the immigration counter there were three people with a tv camera,a microphone and three questions.

Where do you come from? – Germany                                             🙂  🙂  🙂

How long will you stay? – 3 months                                                  😀  😀  😀

What do you do here? – Buy a bicycle and see the west coast    😯  😯  😯


Apparently they were working for a show about foreigners visiting japan, so the people here can see what is interesting to do in their country 🙂 Why not, there will be a lot of interesting things – so they went with me to Shibuya and Negishi on that day, doing some lunch and shopping and visiting Jane in her Karaoke restaurant.
I was really curious what they will show in tv.


^^ With Jane in her bar


Tokyo at day and night.
I went through Tokyo for a few days. See what changed in the City and meet some friends. Last time I was here in 2006. Finally Japan is not changing too fast.


^^ Big cities at night are almost more interesting than at day.


^^ Capsule hotel, the cheapest place to stay at night.


^^ 2m² are enough somehow. There is a TV, radio, mirror and a bed. Bathroom and kitchen are used by everyone and in some Places there is even a traditional japanese bath.
Many of these hotels are really old by now and there is no chance to recharge the phone in your cubicle.


^^ something is missing in this picture. There was a world famous house at the Ueno lake, but they decided to take it down.


^^ This Needle something tower is new.


^^ Also this yellow sh … something 😀



Buying a Tent
Finally I had to go to Aomori now and do my bike trip. In airplane i read some travel guide and they said its absolutely ok to do camping everywhere in Japan. Except in nature reserves. Cool! This will save a lot of money.

Then I saw prices in some outdoor shop. WOW! This doesnt sound like saving money 🙁


After a few days i found this nice tent in home center Conan, in Yokohama. I knew this place from my work in 2006. This one was just some 5.000Yen and its perfect. Just throw it in the air, then put the right side up, get inside and sleep. From biking to sleeping in less than a minute, its possible 🙂