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Running fast. We made Poland in 2 days. Its a very beautiful country and it looks like I have to go here a few more times. The countryside is very nice and the historical places are renovated now. Lots of things to discover.

From Poland we went to Kaliningrad. This place is already part of Russia, like an island between Poland and Lithuania. It was closed to tourists for a long time. Now its open and you even can get a temporary 72h visa at the border. They are still recovering from the old times and do a lot to attract visitors now.

One very nice thing: The big chains like Mac Donalds didnt find this place yet (well, I didnt see any) and its not like a copy of every other city on the planet with th same shops and brands.
People are friendly and smiling.

…….. and laughing about Germans in russian car 😀 The border control was very funny. Unbelievable faces when we told them where we want to go….. Troubles were only with the second car, because our japanese guests are serious guys and brought a Carnet De Passage for their equipment. Its a special customs document, so they got the full service and this always takes 4-5 hours 😀

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And – surprise – Kaliningrad got a lot of nice beaches and dunes.

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