Moscow, Moscow

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Hello Moscow. The biggest city in europe. almost 12 million people live here. Too many, if you ask me. Traffic is chaotic. Sometimes its really ok. Just dont get too close to the center. Use the metro as often as you can. Its cheap and fast.
In Moscow we stayed at the “Legendary Sovietsky Hotel”. Wow wow, harp music at the breakfast. 😀 We also met a lot of friends and had some private time. The Japan boys went home and now we can relax 😉
I also had the chance to go to Obninsk with Olga and meet with the family of my wife. It was a lot of fun and much more eating. It feels like in this few days I found some extra kilos. 😀 I dont know how girls here can be so slim. Maybe its the everyday stress in traffic…

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Goodbye Mowcow. After 6 days, we went eastwards again. Traffic is much easier here 🙂