Nizhny Novgorod

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We didnt take dhe main road and tried to enjoy the countryside. Russia is beautiful. Not just birch trees and mud. People in villages still build their traditional wooden houses, and they put them in really nice places. I am sure, a lot of them dont have water and some not even electricity, but when you look outside the window and see the majestic rivers and valleys…… its priceless…..

After 2 days of driving we reached Nizhny Novgorod.This city is like some relaxed miniature of Moscow. They also have some Kremlin (aah, the view here!!) and really nice old part of town. Its also called the architectural queen of Russia. You will find old and new here. And people are smiling! Unbelievable 🙂

IMG_5903 IMG_5907 IMG_5911 IMG_5929 IMG_5973 IMG_5977^^ Robert inspecting a russian compass. They always point to the west 😉

IMG_5981 IMG_5989 IMG_5998 IMG_6010 IMG_6014 IMG_6029 IMG_6046 IMG_6049 IMG_6055

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  1. Hello from Japan. How are you guys doing? It seems you guys have been doing very well. It is very good.
    I just have watched Japanese TV program,”Why did you come to Japan?”, which told your journey had started in Germany and had reached Poland on the second day. And then you happened to see “Full Rainbow”, which seemed like it would guide you to a wonderful trip. I am really glad to see you guys are having good time and good experience. I hope you are having a safe and wonderful trip all the way. Take care.

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