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The Plan:getting the car


In Russia, I saw some cool cars and started resarch. Finally I found some Czech company who sells these cars in west europe.

grun0  gruen


Ok, doesnt look anything like new, but if a car is older than 30 years its very easy to register in Germany.

They promised to fix everything and do a new pain job. Sounds promising. I gave them my ideas for the color design and … waited 3 months….

first1 first2

😀 cool! Looks really nice. But they didnt do a great job. Somehow it didnt have enough power and was very noisy. Talking while driving? Ha ha haaaa! NO!

first3 first4

Well, after 50km, the brakes leaked and after 150km the engine broke down.
– We will fix everything – HA HA!


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