Vehicle Repair Day

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Celebrated the international “Vehicle Repair Day”.

A lot of parts from Uljanowsk were installed.
The exhaust was fixed, we have a new battery now (Ah, maybe it was just bad contacts, there are still some electrical issues), new air filter, checked all lights and we can start the car manually now.
Especially the last point took us long time, because the original crank isnt long enough for my new front bumper. We had to improvise and now I can extend this crank with standard parts from my toolbox 😀

And some statistics here:

For 6.000km you need:

950L gasoline
7L engine oil
0,15L gearbox oil
a lot of grease
15L water (the radiator is leaking somewhere)
1 gasoline filter
1 gasoline pump
1 exhaust pipe (the silencer went useless on the old one)
1 battery (not sure if it was really broken)
1 air filter
2 new battery clamps
4 new light bulbs

funny fact: If it continues like this, i only need to change the oil filter every now and then. The engine oil is always new 😀
IMG_6609 IMG_6624 IMG_6626 IMG_6631 IMG_6642 IMG_6815 IMG_6825

^^ the tires look really good after 6000km. The guys from MAXXIS were worried they could be a lot of abrasion on asphalt. Finally our average speed is about 80km/h and it seems to be OK for them. We never had some dangerous situation with these tires. With my old russian set, there were often situations, where the wheels blocked or skidded along the road. I am very happy!

IMG_6833 IMG_6841 IMG_6846


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