Welcome To Japan

The plan: buy a bicycle, see the west coast 32°C …. lots of sun…. thats what I was looking for! Didnt sleep very much in the plane and the movies where crap. But then it went funny: After leaving the immigration counter there were three … Continue readingWelcome To Japan

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The plan: visit a wedding Somehow I actually made it to Moscow. It was a little funny because the girl at the airport was like “sorry, I can’t let you fly to Russia.”…… Yes, very funny. My visa was from august 17th and I would … Continue readingRussia

Take Your Home Along

The plan: hava a big vacation I’m in my job for quite some time and I felt ready for a break. A big break. Half a year off would be nice. I bought a very cool Camper last year and thought I will go somewhere … Continue readingTake Your Home Along

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