Olkhon Island

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Repair takes a lot of time and we had to wait for some parts, so we decided to go to Olkhon island by some “normal” car.
The road from Irkutsk is perfect asphalt (some people told me “ah, its catastrophal!”) and only on the island there are dirt tracks. In Kazhakstan or Mongolia these dirt tracks would be called “autobahn”. I dont know, why people complain.
Funny thing: on the island, almost all cars ar UAZ 😀 cool! And I couldnt bring mine 🙁
The island has some nice beaches and a lot of cliffs and other beatiful places. Everywhere you can rent rooms and little huts, but please dont expect western toilets or a hot shower. Normally there is an outhouse in the far end of the garden and – at this time of the year – something almost frozen for washing 😛

We saw the Shamans rock (ok, everyone goes there), and run around some hills and beaches. In summer it must be a great place, but right now I wasnt much like “hey, lets go for a swim!”.

img_4076img_4103 img_4075

^^ Does someone know Otto Waalkes here?

img_4117 img_4128 img_4142

^^ proper UAZing    (note to myself: buy a boat…again)

img_4172 img_4182

^^ just the usual collection of old UAZ engines in the backyard…


^^ 100% UAZ. They do tourist transport here.


^^ Fast & Furious – Olkhon Drift

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