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More oil, less power, no good starting, leaking brake fluid… We had to get some help. Fixing the brakes was done very fast.
The engine takes more time. At least one ring on every piston was broken. Sometimes even two. Piston rods and bearing shells were not in best condition.. The engine itself has done maybe 30.000km (if my clock is right and the previous owner wasnt doing some funny things to the kilometers). Ok, after more than 30 years, this can happen.
It just sets back our plans to go to Olchon island with this car and win the “oldest car here”-award 😀

img_3907 kerze4

^^ Lots of oil and bad gasoline in Mongolia. Exhaust fumes even smell different! Spark plugs only needed 1000km to look like this, maybe less.


…. Looks like at home….



We will get new:

Pistons + rings
Piston rods + bearing shells

we,, almost everything on this picture will be new. Good thing: parts are still in production 🙂