Vehicle Repair Day II

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Since we entered Mongolia, we had some issues with our rear differential. It started locking the wheels completely and the normal klonk – klonk – klong turned to KLONK! KRACK! …. Not so good. OK, we can live with a locked axle and try to find replacement in Ulan Bataar. There will not be any asphalt on the road, anyway…. Thats what we thought. Finally there were only 500km of dirt track and all other roads were quite acceptable aspalt. Many even new! Good thing: we arrived early in UB and there the rear axle started to do reeeally weird noises and I decided to remove some parts and switch to my front axle.
We found some help through Frank. He lives here 6 years now and is actively exploring his chances to do business here.
He sent us to “Nomads expeditions” and there we got professional help 🙂
They have a garage with all the nice tools and we could take a good look at the axle.
The differential was bad. At some point most of the screws loosened and then it destroyed itself. Nice quality 🙁
New parts were on sale in the big car parts market in UB. The market is just a bunch of containers and people sell old or new things. For my car, you can get everything! New and old, good and bad quality. We tried to get good and new.
Back in garage, it took another 3 hours to put everything back. Now its as good as new and I know its better to NOT buy autoatic locking differentials 😀



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    1. Nice, this one will make even more sounds 🙂
      Didnt know this version of blocking differential.
      If I install anything blocking next time, it will be a switchable 100% lock. Automatic blocks will always fail in one or another way. Automatic is for driving at home, not long traveling. Mine was OK for 15.000km 🙂

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