Terelj National Park

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Ulan Bataar is nt the best adress, if you want to see a beautiful city, so we decided to check out Terelj national park, just east od UB. If you miss the exit, you will get all the way to some big Ghenggis Khan monument. Thats where you realize, you have to go back a few kilometers :

Terelj park is very nice and very touristic. You will see lots of new build tourist camps and even more construction sites. To find some lonely spot for camping needs some time. In the end we were very successful. Nature is beautiful here. Lots of mountains, rivers (ok, its the same river, a lot of times), trees in all colors, …..
We had 2 nights in the tent. Second night was -3°C. WOW. Well, I didnt freeze in the car, but the boys preferred their own tents 😀 and after the cold night they recommended a hotel room 😀
If you only have a few days near UB, go to the park. Just dont stop too early and go all the way, until you cannot see houses any more.

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