Gobi Desert

Yay yay, desert! 600km south of Ulan Bataar, you can find a lot of deserty things. Stone desert, rock desert, grass desert and – some sand desert. And obvoiusly there is something like a rainy season. We were always lucky and the rain stayed in … Continue readingGobi Desert

Vehicle Repair Day II

Since we entered Mongolia, we had some issues with our rear differential. It started locking the wheels completely and the normal klonk – klonk – klong turned to KLONK! KRACK! …. Not so good. OK, we can live with a locked axle and try to … Continue readingVehicle Repair Day II

Central Mongolia

We were too fast! After 300km, normal roads begin. First every now and then, later you can go all the way to Ulan Bataar. We were expecting a lot more dirt tracks and gravel roads. Moving on asphalt is too fast. Anyway, we had a … Continue readingCentral Mongolia

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West Mongolia

Wow wow wow, its beautiful. Nice road on the russian part of the border. The mongolian side instantly changes to gravel and sometimes offroad feeling. Countryside is beautiful. Starts like Kazhakstan but with mountains. Every now and then the road disappears and we can just … Continue readingWest Mongolia

Altai Mountains

Altai mountains are beautiful. Just too far away from Germany 😀 Nice clean rivers, mountain trails – just big enough for my car. We are going a little slower now. More things to see. And here and there some things to repair. After 14.000 km … Continue readingAltai Mountains


Back to Russia. Border crossing was very fast and friendly. Instantly the roads get better and the yellow-grey countryside changes to something more colorful. And – we have farming everywhere. Lots of villages, fields, equipment…. Our goal was to reach Novosibirsk as soon as possible … Continue readingNovosibirsk

East Kazhakstan

Fast, fast we are going. We have to be in Novosibirsk on september 2nd. So we said Good Bye to Kirgistan and went back to Kazhakstan. We tried to see some beautiful locations but were slightly disappointed. Every special location got its own Schlagbaum, horse … Continue readingEast Kazhakstan

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Wow, its a little like traveling back in time. Lots of old stuff, Nomads tents, Beautiful mountain passes….. My record for passing a mountain with a car is around 3380m now. well, I couldnt remember if I even was in this height before. Sleeping in … Continue readingKyrgyzstan

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West Kazakhstan

The trip to Kazakhstan started with our “breakfast included” in Astrakhan. And with a lot of repairs. The starter didnt want to do his work any more and the gearbox was leaking. Could fix both, but it took some time. Now its like new and … Continue readingWest Kazakhstan

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