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Is a serious place. Im Lithuania you already realize there is something changing and in Latvia its very obvious: People lost their smile. Most people are with a serious face now. Doesnt make you feel welcome too much. I had this feeling before, when I was in Russia. Smiles are some private thing, but if you are friends with someone, you will see them smile very often.
Ayway, Riga is worth visiing. The historical center is beautiful, especially at night. Sadly we forgot our cameras 🙁

Latvia is fan of straight lines. Thats the way they build their bigger streets. Its very boring to run some 40km without any corner in the road…. I expected this from Russia, because sometimes there is nothing for a long time, but obviously Latvians are very economic and the most economic way between 2 points is a straight line.
Survival camp is very successful. The guys will be ready to survive in Germany soon 🙂
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  1. Not even in Moscow ?? What the fuck are you doing ?? I would be faster with my bicycle

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