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We arrived – somehow 😀
All the way we hoped the engine will be OK until the ferry. It was 😉
We had a lot of nice views, traffic, police stops, kilometers….
Cleaning the engine regularly, checking oil and water. Every now and then fixing small things – business as usual. In the end even the tachometer broke 😀

Arriving in Irkutsk was a big relieve. So happy to be here. Now its just fighting with customs and border control, but no more troubles with the car 😀

The city is very fresh. Its russias gate to the east. A lot of business here and a lot of things to see. We checked in the car and enjoy our last day in russia now. Its a great country with great people. Before I just kew a lot of scary stories about security and a few about how nice it is. Now I can say: forget the bad stories. Or at least dont take them to seroiusly.
Russia may never be as safe as Japan, but I never had a bad feeling about some situation.
Instead I met a lot of nice people and saw even more beautiful things at the side of the road.
img_5329 img_5340 img_5366 img_5390


last gas before Japan

img_5460 img_5473 img_5491 img_5524 img_5561

cleaning the car. Oh my, what a mess!

img_5587 img_5612

this is our boat already

img_5625 img_5643

see you in Japan


Tires look still very good. I am impressed

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  1. Today, I saw your adventure at TV.
    Maybe you reached Japan already with Neko-bus.


  2. Well done, congratulations, liked your stories especially this sentence about Russia: ” Now I can say: forget the bad stories. Or at least dont take them to seriously.”
    And don’t forget what your smile can do ;=)

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