Altai Mountains

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Altai mountains are beautiful. Just too far away from Germany 😀
Nice clean rivers, mountain trails – just big enough for my car.

We are going a little slower now. More things to see. And here and there some things to repair. After 14.000 km the rear differential starts doing funny noises and blocking every now and then. Not too funny. But no time for fixing, We managed to get lost in a dead end street and go back 300km. Next will be Mongolia. Not many good streets (well, not many streets at all). So we enjoyed asphalt for the last few hundred kilometers and bought a lot of supplies.


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  1. Im japanischen TV habe ich von Eurer Reise erfahren und schaue immer wieder mal vorbei, wie es Euch ergeht und wo Ihr gerade seid. Altai weckt Erinnerungen an August 2008, als ich im mongolischen Altai den höchsten Berg, Khuiten Uul, bestieg. WIr waren mit einem russischen Minibus wie dem Euren unterwegs. VIel Glück in der Mongolei!

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