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Back to Russia. Border crossing was very fast and friendly.
Instantly the roads get better and the yellow-grey countryside changes to something more colorful.

And – we have farming everywhere. Lots of villages, fields, equipment….
Our goal was to reach Novosibirsk as soon as possible and have some days off. In the end we had 2 full days to relax. Did some sightseeing and went to car repair to fix some things. In Kasachstan we had a flat tire and spare wheel holder needed some welding. Also got a few new parts – just in case.
Thanks to OOO << SIBAVTO >> in Novosibirsk. They have nice car parts and repair shop!

We also saw the train and car exhibition (They have a Pobeda M72 🙂 🙂 )
and the world famous lab rat monument. What else is here? The river Ob and a city full of factories. Nothing really old, because the city is just over a hundred years old. But the waiters smile here!!! Big PLUS!

In the end we have a change in the Team here. Willem will fly home and Steffen and Silvio are coming.

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  1. a welcome to Steffen and Silvio, hope they are good company too.
    Wish you all a beautiful trip to the next shift.

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