Gobi Desert

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Yay yay, desert!
600km south of Ulan Bataar, you can find a lot of deserty things. Stone desert, rock desert, grass desert and – some sand desert. And obvoiusly there is something like a rainy season.
We were always lucky and the rain stayed in front or behind us. Time for really cool pictures!
4 nights in tent, but luckily no freezing at night. Temperatures here are Ulan Bataar + 10°C. Lucky!
Every day cooking in Petromax gear. Jonas can do miracles in this pot.
Our rear brake line broke and in the end we had a flat tire, because we picked up a nail. Both things could be fixed very fast. Luckily I brought more than the average cans of oil to the trip, because my engine got really hungry in the last weeks. Have to keep it in mind.

ps: beware of wild birds!

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  1. Hi! i have several hobbies – hunting and traveling. i have UAZ 3962, In my car have wood stove and i can sleep in my car in any time of year. But me interesting – why you select UAZ 452? Why not Toyota? how long age UAZ? I know my english is terrible. but i hope you understand this text and answer my questions. Good Luck!

  2. Moin Elwis, habs schon länger im Gefühl gahabt und heut endlich die Zeit gefunden mal nachzuschauen, ob du schon losgefahren bist… 🙂 Mir scheint ja und wie es aussieht hast du ne Menge schoner Eindrücke uns Abenteuer für dich gewonnen. Wir wünschen dir und deinen Begleitern noch eine gute Reise und immer ausreichend Betriebsmittel an Bord…

    Liebe Grüße, auch an deine Begleiter,
    die vier aus’m Wald.

  3. Ever since I watched Japanese TV program , I am deeply impressed with you and big your fan. Also, I believe you are brave . All of Japanese are looking forward to seeing you in Japan, again . Have a nice adventure ! GUNBATTE !!

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