Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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…. except if your dreams are stupid….


The Plan: bring life to this idea of traveling to Japan by car

Two years later this thought was still in my brain. And it was growing again. Now I know more of Russia, I know more of Japan. Why not do it?
Lets have a look at the map. Ah, its not that bad. just some 17.000km. Fighting trees, sand, mountauns, dragons ….


Just the last part will be tricky. How to make the car watertight and ready for a swim?
Finally I will have to take the ferry. There is some boat going to South Korea and Japan. Yess!

But I need a better car. Smaller than my camper and 4×4 would be necessary in some parts of the road. Something I can fix if it breaks down. Something with a bed and some places for guests along the road…

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  1. Hey Martin,
    wann geht der Traum los? Ich wünsche dir auf jeden Fall schon mal viel Spaß, viele Abenteuer und daß alles gut gehen möge.
    Aber – bevor du entfleuchst wolltest du mir noch ‘nen Link mit deinem Reiseberiecht über die Fahrradtour in Japan mitteilen. Vielen Dank schon mal dafür.
    Gruß Poe

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