After 2 nights in Tallin we managed to catch a ferry to Helsinki. Nice boats they have, with live music and duty free. In less than 3 hours youre already there. Met some nice people on the way. Somehow my car is slightly different from … Continue readingFinland

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Welcome to Estonia. We slowly reach our most north point on the route. 1700km now, 10% of the whole thing 😛 Smiles grow more easily here and we found some nice places. Flies also grow here. Especially at the lakes. Estonia tries to be very … Continue readingEstonia

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Is a serious place. Im Lithuania you already realize there is something changing and in Latvia its very obvious: People lost their smile. Most people are with a serious face now. Doesnt make you feel welcome too much. I had this feeling before, when I … Continue readingLatvia


…. I never know how to spell or pronounciate this countrys name 😀 Kalipeida is some nice small town. People are laughing and take pictures of us 😛 as usual. We also saw some place with millions of crosses (it looked like that). Very emotional … Continue readingLithuania

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Running fast. We made Poland in 2 days. Its a very beautiful country and it looks like I have to go here a few more times. The countryside is very nice and the historical places are renovated now. Lots of things to discover. From Poland … Continue readingKaliningrad

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Wow wow, already 3 days on the run. We had a late start, because someone forgot to pack his things 😀 finally vivited Berlin and missed our goal: Stettin. We had a relaxing night in Eberswalde and started early (ha ha!) to see Stettin. Then … Continue readingPoland!

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Thanks A Lot

…. To everyone who was there. It was a nice party and I got so many good wishes to my trip. Also a lot of useful things. Tomorrow (oh, wait, TODAY!) I will put all my things to the car and race off to Berlin. … Continue readingThanks A Lot

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Ready to go?

Ok, tomorrow will be the big day. We will start, even if I have so many things in my mind that could be done before. The last weeks were full of stress and complications. Not much time to relax. Sorry I didnt put updates to … Continue readingReady to go?

Where to go?

Planning got more detailed now. I will start on july 16th from Magdeburg. We will follow the baltic sea and finally arrive in Moscow, end of july.

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Almost ready

A lot of things were done in the last months. I fixed the axles, brake system, engine (more than once) lights….. I have new windows now and a lot of other shit. The car looks ready for the road now. One month to go, until … Continue readingAlmost ready