Vehicle Repair Day

Celebrated the international “Vehicle Repair Day”. A lot of parts from Uljanowsk were installed. The exhaust was fixed, we have a new battery now (Ah, maybe it was just bad contacts, there are still some electrical issues), new air filter, checked all lights and we … Continue readingVehicle Repair Day


After checking out some small villages and doing some camping at the Volga (ewwww, Moskitos!) we finally arrived in Uljanowsk. Uljanowsk is birth place of Mr. Vladimir Iljitsch Uljanow (aka Lenin) and also: my lovely car. They build this car since the year 1965 and … Continue readingUljanowsk

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Lenin said “good bye” and we moved east, to Kazan. New impressions every day. Now there are cows on the street and almost every village got these gas tubes in front of their houses. Enjoyed a lot of nice views to the Volga river. But … Continue readingKazan

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Nizhny Novgorod

We didnt take dhe main road and tried to enjoy the countryside. Russia is beautiful. Not just birch trees and mud. People in villages still build their traditional wooden houses, and they put them in really nice places. I am sure, a lot of them … Continue readingNizhny Novgorod

Moscow, Moscow

Hello Moscow. The biggest city in europe. almost 12 million people live here. Too many, if you ask me. Traffic is chaotic. Sometimes its really ok. Just dont get too close to the center. Use the metro as often as you can. Its cheap and … Continue readingMoscow, Moscow

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Country roads….

On the way to Moscow, there is Veliki Nowgorod. Again, old castle walls, churches, tourists….. And here we decided to get off the main road and see some nature. It was incredible! Villages as big as 3 houses, next gas station in 100km, asphalt??? Ha … Continue readingCountry roads….

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Running fast. We made Poland in 2 days. Its a very beautiful country and it looks like I have to go here a few more times. The countryside is very nice and the historical places are renovated now. Lots of things to discover. From Poland … Continue readingKaliningrad

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The plan: visit a wedding Somehow I actually made it to Moscow. It was a little funny because the girl at the airport was like “sorry, I can’t let you fly to Russia.”…… Yes, very funny. My visa was from august 17th and I would … Continue readingRussia